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Dark Seed Moon Card Pull - Tues. Mar. 21th, 2023

The Dark Seed Moon sitting on the cusp of Aries will wake us up to see the coming light. A fiery peak is approaching which can be both exciting and heated. Forget what happened yesterday, the future is yours to create. Be assertive. But, don't ignore the opinions, rights and feelings of others. Try not to be immature or childish when needing to have more fun. Holding on to heavy energies for too long can harm us. Release and let go of old resentments. Don't save up anger that may lead to an explosive or destructive release. Mediate your way to peace through tense situations. Go deep within to discover your own considerable powers hidden from view. This new moon in March is brimming with luck and motivation that can be utilized to your advantage.

Dark Seed Moon card pull - Tues. Mar. 21th, 2023

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