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Dark planting moon oracle card pull - Thurs. Apr. 20th, 2023

The dark planting moon resides in aries and will display a special and rare solar eclipse that is stirring up alot of energies! This will encourage being firey, confident and taking on bigger risks. Expect powerful change! Try to think less and feel more. Trust your emotions. Don't be all about appearances. But, pay attention to appearances. There may be someone you care about that you can reach out to. Or, someone you can team up with in business or personal life. Try to look at things in terms of being a part of nature, not apart from nature. Do what you can to claim the world around yourself for your own and take the time to yourself that's needed to connect and ground. Doing some gardening, cleaning the home, cooking a nirishing meal, and spending time outdoors can help induce growth and stabilize yourself for what's to come. Avoid procrastination and selfishness as these will not serve you well at this time. Be confident in yourself.

Dark planting moon preview card pull - Thursday April 20th, 2023

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