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Dark Planting Moon Oracle card pull for Mon. April 8th, 2024

This Dark Planting Moon is a solar eclipse and sits in Aries pushing us to be confident and bringing with it a re-analyzation of independence within relationships. Do some reflection: never mind the past! Life evolves every single day. Things may be happening now for a reason! An argument may be coming to an end. If you have had suspicions, you may find that you are or have been correct. It may be time to live more joyfully and less fearfully. Fear often leads to holding your breath. Don't hold on to grudges - let something go. Let it all go! There is a time and a place to be mindful of your breathing and allowing that to guide your actions. Give yourself a bit more time and flexibility. Take a deep breath and rethink your strategy. It's time to release negativity.

Dark Planting Moon Oracle Card Pull for Monday April 8th, 2024

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