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Dark Harvest Moon Oracle card pull - wed. Aug. 16th, 2023

This Dark Harvest Moon is sitting in Leo and bringing us on a rollercoaster ride or emotion and truths will be revealed. Look to the future, not the past! There will soon be more hope towards what it is that you want. Don't give up! A new start is coming! You may need to see it to believe it! Stay grounded and pull yourself down to the earth from the high skies. Your confidence will serve you. They're may even be opportunity to start over. If the situation has become toxic it may either be neutralized or some brand new perspective may assist our of no where. A definate 'yes' is approaching!!! Remain positive through what may feel like a difficult transformation. But, leads somewhere desireable. Seek a more grounded way of looking at your environment and surroundings. Everything is connected.

Dark Harvest Moon previous card pull - Wednesday August 16th, 2023

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