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Dark Blessing Moon oracle card pull - Mon. July 17th, 2023

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

This Dark Blessing Moon sitting in Cancer brings ideal conditions for new partnerships, collaborations or creating connections with others. These rare opportunities are unlikely to come around again anytime soon. So, heads up: You have to see them to take advantage of them! Don't miss this chance! Believe in yourself, and in your dreams. At the same time, be grateful for what you already have. Being honest and upfront is important right now. - with yourself and others. Through out all that is going on, be sure to also concentrate on your own health and well being. Be sure that you can shine your light the brightest when you need to Illuminate your shadows. Focus on what you need, vs what you want. New possibilities may be on the horizon! Blessed beginnings this dark blessing moon.

Dark Blessing Moon Oracle Card Pull - Monday July 17th, 2023

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Love it! Thank you so much!

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