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Updated: 6 days ago

AskaGreyWitch is slowly becoming more popular! And, with that is helping more and more witches to setup a unique and personalized magickal practice of witchery for themselves! I'm extremely excited and proud that AskaGreyWitch has become helpful to so many others, and will continue to help to break common misconceptions and misunderstandings that still exist about witches and Witchcraft today.

The most viewed blog entry has received over 300 views!!! ...and climbing!!!

Open practices vs closed practices:

This blog entry answers the submitted question, "Isn't it cultural appropriation to smudge with smoke?", and then details the differences between practices that anyone can learn compared to practices that are only taught to those who originate from the same culture or tradition.

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...and, many more!!!

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Thank you for visiting, reading this entry, and checking out my magickal blog, AskaGreyWitch. Submitted questions are always welcome and very much appriciated.

Many blessings! ✨

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