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Blessed be, and thank you.

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Recently speaking of acheiving milestones (even though it was in June 2022, I am still so proud to have recently reached beyond 100 blog entries at Since then, I've thought about sharing a brief update about how my other online blog has been doing.

I have always welcomed questions about tarot from my Stafford Tarot website. Occasionally, i would receive questions asked to me about practices and traditions other than Tarot. In which, I was/am always happy to share the answer.

While being involved in some different online communities, I would also see the same similar questions being presented by beginner practitioners looking for guidance or inspiration. While exploring online further myself, I have become increasingly aware of how many people who identify as modern magickal practitioners whom are mostly women. It became clear to me how little representation there is of male practitioners online.

This sparked the idea that maybe I could share some of my own perspectives, thoughts and opinions regarding divination, rituals and other topics that might be of interest or perhaps inspire others to feel more confident in themselves for what they do when setting up their own practices.

In January (of 2022) I created a blog platform on a second website, similar to the Stafford Tarot blog, where I thought i might be able to use to try to debunk some misconceptions by just answer some of the questions anyone may have. I called it, "Ask a Grey Witch".

Within the first 6 months, visitors to have submitted 40 questions!!!

The questions submitted to me are what give me the topic for each entry in the blog entries. In responce, I write about the topic of the submitted question from my own perspective as a magickal practitioner myself. I do try to keep the blogs somewhat brief so that it is not too lengthy of a read, and yet still share enough information on the topic to hopefully be helpful.

More about my magickal practice can be read about at

Thank you to the online communities that I have become a part of over the years! Some from which have been interested to check out the webpage and submitted their own questions about Wicca and other magickal topics. Others may have found my webpage through an internet search. There has been no marketing otherwise.

The compilation of blog entries over time now allow me to refer back to the blogs in a link. For example, when answering questions in online communities that I am involved with. This is epecially helpful for popular questions that tend to get asked repeatedly by seperate individuals at different times. Instead of repeating myself, i can now send a link to my story or relevant information. 🙂 This in hopes gives back to the communities.

Each who submits a question receives an email with a response which may either include the blog information or a link to the new related blog entry. Any identifying information, such as names, e-mail addresses, or any other personal information is omitted from online (not mentioned in any of the videos and blog posts) for your confidentiality.  Questions asked are described generally and in an abbreviated form by leaving out the extra details or background information submitted within the messages sent. This is done for everyone's confidentiality and to maintain your privacy while the response given from me is shared in a blog entry.

There were a few other submitted questions that either asked an already previously submitted questions, or the question asked did not pertain to my practices in the craft. And so, in my email response to these questions I referred to previous blog entries that could answer the particular question of topic, or if I thought one of the blog entries would have been helpful, i included it in my response.

It ground me in excitement to know that others find my blogs helpful. I really like to hear comments and suggestions from those who visit my websites, both the Stafford Tarot website, and the AskaGreyWitch website. Please contact me to share your thoughts with me. Constructive feedback is always appriciate!

Thank you to everyone whom have submitted their questions so far! Please feel free to visit to look through and see if maybe another blog topic is of interest to you, or perhaps you'd like to submit a new question? I do try to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you again, and blessed be

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