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About the website

Thank you for visiting my website, and for checking out my blog.

This website was created to serve two functions:

Sharing with others. The first function of this website is that it stores information about myself and how I do tarot readings, and what my price is all about. I wanted to have an online place that wasn't on social media for anyone who would like to get to know about me and what it is that I do as a tarot reader. This eventually expanded out into starting the blog.

Reaching out to help. The second function of this website is that it acts as a communication source where anyone can contact me to ask questions or request a reading. By completing a fillable form on the contract page I can receive your email. Also, any visitor on the website main pages can press the chat icon to instantly send text messages and receive response from me personally. This is great to use for asking questions, or to request a reading from me, or to just say Hi. The chat icon usually floats in the bottom right corner of the page (Where browser compatibility applies). I also share my email address

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