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About some recent changes

Thank you so much for visiting my website and for reading my blog.

This is just a notice of some upcoming changes regarding the website, blog, and the monthly free draw.

The website has already experienced some recent format changes to make it more easily navigated. Please feel free to share with me any feedback if your experience visiting the site, it would be greatly appreciated.

The blog is ongoing with a new entry about once a week. Currently categories of blog entries are rotating through reading tips and suggestions, shadow work exercise examples, as well as information about Stafford Tarot. Please note that the category can be changed to quickly find a topic of interest, and there is also a search bar to narrow that down even further.

And finally, starting in September 2022 the monthly free draw will offer a chance to win a free 15 minute reading for those who participate. However, I will also be drawing more than one winner from each of the monthly draws thereafter. This will allow a higher chance to win and provide even more opportunities to experience a free reading.

At any time, if there are questions please don't hesitate to contact me at:

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