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About readings from me

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

During a reading from me, you can expect to sit and chat with me for about a half hour to an hour depending on the type of reading requested. You may notice that I will have incense burning, or I may be drinking a calming tea during the reading. This is to help me calm and ground myself before the reading begins. During a reading, I may peer into my crystal ball while speaking to maintain my focus and remain as objective as possible while interpreting complicated messages received.

I usually like to start a meeting by drawing one card from my personal tarot deck to give me a sense from my client. It can set the atmosphere for the topic of the readings to come, or speak to how my client is feeling, or why he/she/they may have come to see me for a reading in the first place.

At first, you'll have an opportunity to ask a specific question or request just a general reading. Depending on the topic or question, I will suggest which tarot spread may be benifitial or most insightful. I will then shuffle and charge the cards accordingly. Once the reading has begin, remaining objective, I will point out any symbolisms and tell you what messages I receive according to how the cards present themselves into to the spread that is being used.

Asking questions is always encouraged through out readings and I will do my best to offer any clarity that I can according to the placement and messages in the cards.

Each is welcome to submit a Google review about the reading if they'd like. Or please, feel free to share with me any feedback.

Questions and comments are always welcome.


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