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About party or event bookings

Updated: May 6

Occasionally, I've had the privilege to give collaborative group readings. This can happen at festivals, events, parties, or work places, or during privately booked sessions.

Using several different tarot and oracle decks I can give multiple trans-dimensional readings. This means that with multiple people in agreeance in collaborative group sessions I focus on the energy of the particular group of individuals in order to give a mass general reading for everyone involved.

More privately, I've also had the privilege to give readings to couples together as conjoint couple sessions. This means that while giving a reading I'm focusing on the energy of both people involved together. They can ask a question. However, the question must be agreed upon between the two before the reading begins.

Also available is the Intuitive Self Readings workshop where participants can engage with a Rider Waite deck as we discuss Objective-ness, intuitive-ness and receiving messages from the cards. Each participant may keep the deck that they work with during the workshop so they they may continue to practice in their own time afterwards. There is a discounted price for those who would like to bring and use their own personal tarot deck during the workshop (Any tarot deck that follows the Rider Waite Smith symbolisms can be used).

Of course at events I still do offer individual sessions as well for each participant interested to receive a private reading for themselves.

There are themes available for corporate group events, such as:

  • Group Team Building

  • Group Problem Solving

  • Collaborative Conjoint Reading

  • Employee Appreciation

  • Or back-to-back individual sessions for invited guests/participants

During events I can bring my own tarot reading table (2.5' x 2.5' fold up table) or setup on a preferred surface and space that is provided by the host. I will set my crystal ball and place around it several tarot and oracle decks to be ready to give readings with through out the time range that has been booked.

Basically, my flat rate is $25/15 minutes prorated to 15 minute intervals. So, the associate individual fees for tarot readings work out as follows:

$25 - short reading (15 minutes)

$50 - full reading (30 minutes)

$100 - multiple readings (1 hour)

$150 - workshop (90 minutes and includes a full reading)

If the event is outdoors, (hopefully good weather) I can setup my own small 6'x6' tent as seen in the picture and to make individual meetings a bit more contained or private if necessary. Setup of the tent takes at least 30 minutes and there may be an additional setup fee of $50.

If booking for a party or special event then I would prorate the fee. For example, to book a tarot reader to attend your party for 2 1/2 hours, it would invoice as $250.00 (tax included).

All other services available are listed at:

It's always great to meet many new people whether at events, festivals, parties, or during individual reading sessions. Bookings can be arranged by contacting me and inquiring my availability.

It should also be mentioned that all reading details are kept private and not discussed outside of the reading sessions. Please see the Terms of Service for more information at:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or

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