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About me

Well, let's see... I am a middle aged man who feels he has even more years experience. LOL

Seriously though, I live with protanope colourblindness. This means that my vision experiences a red-green deficiency in the colours that I do see. A way to explain this is, if you take the colour wheel and removed red and green while all the other colors would merge and change to compensate, that is what I see normally. Colours that I'm told that I do see correctly are yellow and blue. 2/3 of the primary colors. Colours that I mix up all the time are green and yellow, blue and purple, orange and red and brown, pink and grey, and others (I do my best).

I am a parent of four wonderful children (no longer kids). In a same sex marriage, together my spouse and I manifested our relationship separately, and then together manifested our home. Even though my spouse is not a regular magickal practitioner, I appriciate his shamanic energy and natural connection to nature. We enjoy forest hiking, wilderness camping, herbalism and gardening, and we both love to cook and bake.

Myself, I am considered what is known as a modern neopagan / grey witch as a practitioner of magick and devotee to energetic balance since I was a child. My areas of study in the craft have been green, hedge, cottage, kitchen, astro, and song. I'm currently completing a Wiccan Gesith path as a High Priest of Seax Wica tradition.

Please feel free to ask me questions about my craft at

What have I miss? Any questions? Please feel free to let me know or share your thoughts with me.

Take care all and blessed be

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