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About in person readings

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Now that the pandemic restrictions are able to lift more and more, I am excited that in person readings are now available upon request. Otherwise, readings can still happen remotely over a video chat platform if preferred.

In person reading sessions can be booked ahead of time either through the location of events, or by contacting me at or or by visiting and fill out a contact form.

For example, every so often I am asked to give private in person readings at the 9th Vibration n Guelph Ontario. The 9th is a fabulous store for metaphysical supplies, etc. And on Saturdays i am sometimes their resident tarot reader. People seeking a tarot reading can call ahead 519-265-9099 and prebook a session time with me on the days i am there. For any other readings, arrangements can be made by contacting me directly via the information above. I also occasionally attend events and festivals where in person meetings are available.

Rates for in person readings:

$100 per hour for events or parties

$50 for a 30 minute full tarot reading

$25 for a 15 minutes short tarot reading

$5 for a 1-3 card pull impression reading

Keep watch for event announcements or for more booking information at:

Wearing masks during the reading are optional. However, I do not mind putting on an N95 mask upon request before the reading begins. It should also be mentioned that I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

You can expect to sit across the table from me for about 15 - 30 minutes while we talk about the cards. Length of time depend on the type of reading requested. You'll have an opportunity to ask a specific question or request a general reading. Once the reading has begin, remaining objective, I will point out any symbolisms and mention what messages I receive according to the cards and spread that is used. Asking questions is always encouraged through out readings.

Feel free to contact me if interested in booking a private in person tarot reading to take place in your home, work place, party or at other personal location.

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