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About Festivals

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Occasionally I'm invited to attend some festivals where I give in person tarot readings.

If the festival is outdoors my vendor table will consist of a small white tent with a simple table and chairs setup inside it to give some privacy, and also to avoid any weather if so, while i will give the readings.

Between private bookings, I often offer free one card impression pulls to anyone passing by who's interested.

During a private in-person reading with me, you can expect to sit and chat for about 15 - 30 minutes depending on the type of reading requested.  You'll have an opportunity to ask a specific question or request a general reading. Once the reading has begin, remaining objective, I will point out any symbolisms and tell you what messages I receive according to the cards and spread that is used. Asking questions is always encouraged through out readings, but especially towards the end of the session. 

I also offer short 30 minute intuitive workshop sessions at festivals which briefly explain the basics of how to give self readings using a traditional tarot deck. Participants of the workshop are introduced to objective-ness, intuitive-ness, and how to receive messages during self readings. Each will be given an opportunity to work with a Rider Wait deck can be done individually, or as a group. This is a shorter version of the 90 minute workshop offered online or private in person events.

The longer version of the workshop also includes an activity for participants to practice in their own time as well as an example real-time full reading using the technique taught during the workshop as example. For more information about the full workshop please visit:

Also usually during festivals i will have a sign up list at my table that I offer anyone who is interested to participate in the next monthly free draw for a chance to receive a free remote 15 minute reading with me.

More about remote readings is available at:

Keep watch for event announcements for when the free draws will take place as well as for upcoming festival dates that I will be attending. Please feel free to visit with me at a festival as i always welcome meeting new people, or just saying, "Hi".

Event announcements can be viewed at:

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