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About booking and payment

To directly book a reading with me, you can call me at 519-835-1749. Or, email me at to request an in person reading or a remote reading.  Where in-person is not possible, readings can take place over video chat platforms such as Messenger, Zoom, Google Meets, or another of your choice.  If contacting via email, please also include if a subscription request. and suggested dates and times in case I am able to accommodate, I will try.  Otherwise, I'll respond with the closest time slots that are available. 

Standard fee:

A flat rate of $25 per 15 minutes intervals. 

(Additional fees are mentioned upfront and may be incurred for the following requests:)

Additional Travel fee:

If is requested for me to traveling more than 60 KM from Guelph ON, in distance a travel fee may be incurred to accomodate this request at the rate of $0.25/KM per round trip [there and back]. 

Additional Setup Fee:

During private events, an additional $50 fee may be incurred where it is requested to setup a fully setup readings table inside a private 6' x 6' readings tent which requires at most 30 minutes preparation time before readings begin. 

Avoid Self-Promoting Fee:

Where it is requested for me to not advertise nor promote myself at an event, an additional $75 fee may be incurred to accommodate this request.  Please understand that the success of my business has depended on word-of-mouth advertising generated by promoting myself.  

Payments can be sent by an automatic electronic fund transfer via email to "".  

Also, you can send online payment with PayPal or a credit card at:

Please note that I process as a donation to avoid having to charge you an extra online payment fee. When paying with a credit card, please include your email address in the contact information so that I may send my own confirmation of payment received.   

If wanting to pay in advance, once the transaction is received a reading session is reserved for you, and shortly after,  you will receive an email with available time slots for you to choose from dates and times available to book your session.  Once booked, you'll receive a confirmation of your appointment time. 

If time is reserved but not fully used during a single session, then the remaining time can be re-reserved for a future session (based on 15 minute intervals). For example, say someone prepaid $75 and then received a 30 minute reading ($50 value), they would still have a 15 minutes reading reserved with me to be used for another session ($25 value). The fee structure and amount does not change depending on the type of reading requested.

If you are interested in receiving a free reading, please visit:

for more information.

Thank you!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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