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Stafford Tarot 100th blog entry!!!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

This is the 100th blog entry on the StaffordTarot website!!! 🎉🥳🎊

This blog has slowly grown since it was added to the Stafford Tarot website in September of last year (2021) with information about Stafford Tarot and included categories like reading tips and shadow work exercises. It has since advanced to include the free draws & event announcements, full moon & new moon public readings, and has featured a free beginners video course by Lindsay Knight, Intuitive Numerologist and Tarot Reader, on how to learn tarot for yourself. ... And, there's definately more to come, such as the following:

For a special live broadcast via Facebook on Tuesday June 14th, 2022 at 8 PM (Eastern Standard Time) where we will discuss the blog and reaching 100 entries, as well as upcoming events. As usual, my live broadcasts will also feature some free short readings for those who attend and show interest in the chat panel.

New Free Draw [One time opportunity!]

As celebration, I'd like to give a special one time offer of 100 minutes worth of free readings to the winner of a special draw. To enter the draw, simply mention Stafford Tarot online in your social media about this 100th blog entry, or to congratulate on this milestone, etc. (Be sure to tag me or make me aware in order to be sure that you are included in the draw). This additional draw will take place on Saturday June 18th, 2022 at 5 PM (Eastern Standard Time). The winner will be announced shortly after. This offered time could be booked by the winner as 3 individual half hour seperate readings, or 6 individual 15 minutes readings, or as one long hour and a half session containing multiple readings... etc. It would be up to you, if you win! Or, could be given to someone else as a gift?

G O O D L U C K ! ! !

More information about the separate regular monthly draw can be found at:

Coming soon: [sneak-peak of what's to come]

Sometimes people need a hands-on approach to learning tarot. I'm looking forward to introduce a new Intuitive Readings Workshop that I will lead which will be featured at this year's Niagara Region Pagan Fest celebrating the summer solstice on June 18th, 2022. For $75 each, a participant will be introduced to intuitive-ness & objective-ness, and have opportunity to work with a Rider Waite deck. Each participant can keep their deck afterwards and take it home to begin learning to give themselves intuitive self-readings (discounted price of $50 each for participants who bring their own deck, or to participate without a deck).

For more information about the upcoming festival visit:

Please note that after the festival on June 18th the price of the workshop is subject to change. So take advantage of this great opportunity!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me by attending events, visiting my website, reading my blog or by submitting comments and questions. It is in hopes that the information that I share has been helpful to you and will continue to be for others for some time to come. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people along my journey and sharing my experience about tarot with you, and about how I prepare for and give intuitive readings. Obviously, you can probably tell that I love tarot readings 🥰 I do not plan to stop any time soon. ;) Stay tuned for more to come on my blog!!!

The messages within await!

Ohhh!!!! Don't forget to enter the draws. There are two of them happening in June 2022 - Feel free to enter them both for a greater chance to win.

Thanks again.


Congratulations to the winner of the 100th blog draw for a change to receive 100 minutes of free readings!

Thanks to all who participated. Please keep watch for the regular monthly draws which are announced in the events announcements category of the blog.

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