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Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings are magick

My perspective of magickal workings

Of course, I'm not talking about the Hollywood magic involving fireballs thrown from one's hand or casting evil spells on people like you may have read in a book or watched in a movie.  (Makes me laugh)  

The definition of 'magic' is "Mysterious tricks, such as making things disappear and reappear, performed as entertainment.” this is not what I am referring to either.  

When I mention the word 'magick', I am referring to the workings of energy manipulation, or in other words, manifestation through means of intention. The 'k' is added to the end of the word for an important reason - to separate my craft from that of magicians and illusionists, who performed stage tricks for entertainment.

The practice of magick is about raising and directing energy to direct one's desires, of assist to fulfill one's intentions.

There are many ways in which to set your intention for the purpose of manifesting. Whether referring to something new coming into our lives, or wanting to push something existing out of our lives, the ability is within us all to make the necessary changes for ourselves to live happier lives.  Readings can be a useful tool to help recognize true intention and help consider the changes required to live happier lives for ourselves. 

In order to remain fully objective during readings anyone really has to/must/need to know themselves well enough first. With giving all kinds of psychic readings and mediumship, and including runes and tarot, there is a very important element to consider: How well does one actually know one's own inner self? AND will that innerself interfere with the interpretation of the messages from within readings?  An incredibly helpful tool that has been instrumental for me to do this, and a topic that I would recommend discovering foremost and doing throughout, is Shadow Work.  

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