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Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings in Guelph Ontario and Surrounding Areas
Bryan Stafford, Intuitive Reader from Stafford Tarot located in Guelph ON, Canada.

Offering Intuitive Readings

"Hi, I'm Bryan. For decades I have felt pulled towards or drawn to the path of a light worker. At the age of twelve, I was gifted my first tarot deck. With my experiences from my personal readings giving private sessions, I have been offering private intuitive tarot readings in-person or remotely through video calls. This has felt hugely rewarding for me to help others in this way by offering some clarity, gained insight or new perspectives, and watch the finding of peace, resolve and/or closure.  Are you interested in receiving a reading for yourself? If so, send a request or please feel free to ask questions." - Bryan Stafford. 

Call:  5 1 9 - 8 3 5 - 1 7 4 9

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas

Thank you for coming! 

The purpose of this website is to provide information about myself and my background.  I try to assist anyone who would like to learn Intuitive Tarot for themselves by including blog entries with helpful suggestions, reading tips, and more.  You can also find (below) details on locations of events and about the services that I offer.
Questions and comments are always welcome.  ~Enjoy your visit!


"Thanks you for the reading you doing great readings very nice person and helpful and very reliable" 

                                           - May L.

Upcoming Public Events

Below are some of the upcoming online or in-person events which you are welcome to attend or join:

...& there's more to come!
So, check back again soon.

Monthly Free Draws by Bryan Stafford to receive a free remote short tarot reading.  Good Luck!!!


Free Draw!


For a chance to win a free remote short tarot reading!

Mon. June 18th, 2024

Until 10 AM EST


Midsummer Witches Night Market


Hosted by Luna Events Canada

Fri. Jul. 19th, 2024

6 - 10 PM EST

Full Moon and New Moon Oracle Pulls at Stafford Tarot

Moon Oracle Card Pull


By Bryan Stafford at

Full Moon: June 21st, 2024

New Moon: July 5th, 2024


Faerie Market

in Fergus, ON

Hosted by:

Luna Events Canada

Saturday Aug 24th, 2024
3 PM - 8 PM EST 


Niagara Falls Carnival


Hosted by:

Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen's Association

June 20th - 23rd, 2024


Hamilton Pagan Pride Day


Hosted by:

H. P. P. D.


Sun. Sept. 8th, 2024

10 AM - 6 PM EST


Tarot Talk Live Event with Bryan Stafford from Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings

Tarot Talk

Live Event



Tues. July 9th, 2024

Starts 8 PM EST


The Art of Trust Day Retreat

Hosted by:

Uniquely Pure Studios

Sun. Sept 15th, 2024

10 AM - 4 PM EST 

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas


 to the lucky winners of the most recent draws to remotely receive a free intuitive tarot reading via a video chat platform.

Thank you to everyone who showed interest.

These free draws are currently being held monthly. So, keep watch in the homepage announcements (above), or visit the event announcements in the blog for upcoming dates. 

G o o d L u c k ! ! !

Recently featured on the Professional Podcast Network

Tarot Talk Live

Recent LIVE Broadcast event

This was the recorded live broadcast on Tuesday June 11th, 2024 of Stafford Tarot with Bryan Stafford, Intuitive Reader sharing information about tarot readings, talking about what's new at Stafford Tarot, discusses the Tarot Topic "A Brief History of Tarot", and then offered short readings to the first six participants who attended the broadcast and showed interest in the chat during.  Please join the next online live event where the Tarot Talk topic will be about "A brief history of Tarot" which will take place on Tuesday July 9th, 2024 starts 8 PM (EST) at    

Multi-Dimensional Discussions

A Tarot Talk Podcast

Coming soon:

Bryan Stafford, Trans-Dimensional Tarot Reader from invites you to join him in a variety of intuitive-based conversations.  With special guests join in interesting discussions on a variety of divinatory related topics in the new Multi-Dimensional Discussions - A Tarot Talk podcast


Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas

The Reading Suggestions Blog

Once I created my website, I then had the perfect platform to share personal information about myself and what it is that I do with others in a blog style format. I can also now share links to this information instead of repeating it in chat conversations, or copy/paste information to many that often ask for my advice or seek my help to learn tarot. I'm excited about the opportunity which this blog gives me to reach out to more and divide my time more evenly for those requesting mentorship.

Mobile Phone

The Stafford Tarot App

The app provides a convenient way for visitors to access the information in the blog from a smart phone or mobile device. There are a variety of categories including shadow work exercises, tarot reading tips, beginner lessons to learn tarot for free, prerecorded live broadcast events that feature example readings, and more!  All in one place without having to load a web browser, visit the website and search for the relevant blog entry, Etc.  The app organizes the blogs into categories and topics for easier finding and access for your convenience.

 New - Products:

Intuitive Reading

Enclosed in each envelope, you will find personal intuitive reading messages just for you that are based on the tarot and oracle cards included. Also added are details about each of the decks that the cards originated from, as well as an information sheet about myself, and about Stafford Tarot.

Gift Certificates


Give the gift of a professional intuitive reading.  Perfect for celebrating any event: birthdays; weddings; graduations; new jobs, retirement; employee appreciation; gift to a teacher; etc. Can be redeemed for in person reading sessions as well as remote reading sessions, or distant readings. 


Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings from Guelph Ontario main services

Main Services Offered:

The messages within await

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings from Guelph Ontario and servicing the surrounding area

Psychic Mediumship

$50 per 30 Minute

During a mediumship reading session with me, there is no expectation to share any information beforehand, no need to bring any objects, nor pictures with you, etc.  We will quickly meet, i will explain what it is that I do, and then I will take a moment to connect with the energies around you.  Whilst requesting confirmations through out, I will interpret the messages that come through. Once validated, questions can be asked. Tarot cards may also be used as a communication tool. Quite often the messages wont make sense to me. However, make absolute sense to the sitter of my readings.  Messages are often what is seemingly needed to be delivered through the associations we hold of our past loved ones.

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings from Guelph Ontario and servicing the surrounding area

Tarot Readings

$25 per 15 Minutes

Very large spreads, such as a full year analyzation, or multiple readings in one session usually require at least an hour ($100).  Sessions are typically a half hour in length ($50).  During a 30 minute reading I typically will do a one card draw which gives me an impression and energy at the moment and then I can do a 9+ card spread full reading which can either be general or can be based on a particular question or topic if you so choose.  I have multiple spreads that I can suggest depending on the querent or question.  There are many Oracle decks available that can refine the reading if helpful.  I can also do a shorter 15 minute session ($25) usually a general 3 cards pull and then expanding further with oracles.

 Or, I also offer just a quick one card impression pull ($5).

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings from Guelph Ontario and servicing the surrounding area

Events, Groups, or Parties

$100/hr (prorated to 15 minute intervals)

During an event, I can bring my own tarot reading table (2.5' x 2.5' fold up table) on which I will set my crystal ball and several tarot and oracle decks, and some other divination tools. If outdoors, I can setup my own small 6' x 6' tent as seen in the picture and to make individual sessions a bit more private, if necessary. 


Several decks can be used for multiple trans-dimensional tarot readings to do collaborative group sessions, conjoint couple sessions, as well as individual sessions.  I also offer oracles such as charm readings, rune castings, and other divination tools.  Group Psychic Mediumship sessions can be booked separate to tarot readings.  Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.

(All prices mentioned are CAD)

Additional fees may be involved if is necessary to traveling more than 60 KM from Guelph ON, in distance ($0.25/KM per each way [there and back]).  Where in person is not possible, readings can take place over video chat platforms such as Zoom Video Conferencing, or another of your choice.  There are also distant remote service options available - See below for details.  Please contact me for questions. 

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas

Individual Services

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas

Thank you!!!

Have you had a reading recently?

What was your impression?  How was your experience?  Please feel free to tell me how you felt your reading went. I really appriciate your feedback.

Other Recommendations

Below is some information about other helpful websites, including my favourite local supply shop. I strongly believe in supporting local businesses as well as other practitioners. We can all support each other through these difficult times.

Uniquely Pure, Friend of Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings

Uniquely Pure

Uniquely Pure is a place to connect, unwind and flourish, through a handmade line of aromatherapy & culinary products, holistic massage therapies, bach flower consultations and remedies, yoga classes, and an AirBnb getaway.
As a travelling free spirit, Kelly (owner) has always loved the small, special and undiscovered home-based businesses that offered a safe space. This deeply inspired her to recreate that feeling for all Uniquely Pure’s clients.

Old Soul Project - Friend of Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings

Old Soul Project

Personally, I've use these bead bracelets to focus my mindset and intention, as well as to strengthen the fingers of my hands due to an arthritic condition that I live with.  See how they can help you!  I definitely recommend checking out the Old Soul Project. Born from purpose, old soul project was created to help individuals through the promotion of physical, mental & spiritual health by utilizing the unforeseen powers of old soul bracelets, story telling and one another. 

Galaxy Teas - Friend of Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings

Galaxy Teas

Galaxy Teas began as a passion project for founder and exploratory tea merchant, Robert Williams after tragic health situations forced him to take perspective on his life and the legacies he would leave behind should the unthinkable truly happen.  I personally use his English Breakfast blend for my tea leaf readings.

Healer's Choice crystals - Friend of Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings

Healers Choice Crystals Canada

The Healer's Choice location in Guelph Ontario is a new crystal shop that's currently being setup.  It's being filled like a treasure trove of gems, stones, minerals, fossils, tarot cards, oracles, and many other wonderful items and supplies. The owner is extremely helpful and eager to please, so feel free to check them out at 497 Woolwich St., Unit 6, in Guelph ON. 

True Beings of Light Intuitive - Friend of Stafford Tarot Intuitive ReadingsHealing

True Beings Of Light Intuitive Healing

 “Emotion is about Energy in Motion”
Melissa Downard is the spiritual force behind True Beings of Light Intuitive Healing. Melissa combines her knowledge of the medical world with several modalities of energy healing in an innovative holistic approach. Melissa is highly empathic, using her natural sympathetic nature to tap into the spiritual world to help with her healing treatments.

The 9th Vibration - Friend of Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings

9th Vibration

The 9th Vibration store has since closed.  Keep watch for new remote services coming soon as well as featuring regular guests and tarot readers which I'd totally recommend as they can offer a variety of different techniques and other perspectives. Check out their social media for details! 

Ask a Grey Witch - Friend of Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings

Ask a Grey Witch

The purpose of the webpage is to share the perspective with others of a male practitioner of balancing energy. Quite often offering guidance, answering questions, providing information and giving advice to other practitioners. It is the hope that by answering submitted questions, the blogs and videos create allow the sharing of knowledge and a magickal perspective conveniently and in a way that's understandable and helpful to others. Please feel free to submit your questions regarding magickal practices. 

The Sacred Meadow Circle empowerment group and coven - Friends of Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings

Sacred Meadow Circle

This online international and in-person diverse assortment of magickal practitioners support each other in their discovery and learning within their own independant and personal practices.  Anyone can participate! There is no requirement other than looking for help or support in setting up a meaningful practice for yourself. All membership for consideration is via invitation.

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings from Guelph ON is thankful for visitors!

Contact Me

Are you looking for a new perspective, or perhaps would like to receive a confirmation your life is on the right track, or maybe you have a question? Whatever the reason may be, I may be able to offer assistance.  

Name:    Bryan Stafford
Phone:   5 1 9 - 8 3 5 - 1 7 4 9 

Please feel free to send me your questions or let me know if you'd like to schedule a reading with me by filling out and submit the form. Please provide your name, email address and a brief message. Only include additional contact information that you are comfortable sharing. Only fields marked with a star '*' are mandatory.  Alternatively, you can send email to 
Either way, I try to respond from email within 24 hours.  

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Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings in Guelph ON and surrounding areas
Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas


Please be advised that the information received during reading sessions do not substitute for medical or professional advice and is meant for personal self reflection.  Readings do not involve fortune-telling or predicting the future. Instead, it's a guidance tool that works with intuition to help solve problems by looking at potential outcomes. For this reason, reading sessions are considered as entertainment.  Please see my Terms of Service at: for more details.

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