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Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings online and in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas

Layout and Spread Examples

Single Rune/Card draws    [1]
Can represent many different things from advice, suggestion, and opinion, to subject, answer to a question, etc. That's really up to the intention of the reader and client.  
Here are examples of some of rune and tarot spreads that I have used: 

3 Rune/Card Spreads:[1]  [2]  [3]

Before / Now / After

Past / Present / Future

Yesterday / Today / Tomorrow

Leading up to today / Today / Where headed

Surrender / Direction / Guide

Situation / Obsticle / Advice

Mind / Body / Spirit

Where now / Aspire to / getting there

Situation / Action / Outcome

Do / Don't / Overview

Brought / Nature of / Progress

Problem / Background / Advice

Option A / Option B / Option C

Rune Layout for a full casting: (With a circle:)
Above / thought process / present
Left / behind / past
Center / subject
Right / ahead / future
Below / grounded

Rune/Tarot full Spreads:

Pyramid Day Spread        
1. Subject
2. Against the subject
3. Leading up to today
4. Today's day
5. Where today is headed out leading towards
(NOTE: can be an extension from the 3 Card Day Spread mentioned above in which case, for example, Subject would be the fourth card drawn and Against would be the fifth.)

Obsticle Advice Spread (3x3)
1. Subject's obsticle
2. Obsticle of the environment
3. Reader's obsticle
4. Subject's advise to resolve
5. Advice to resolve environment
6. Reader's advice to resolve
7. Tool or action required for subject to resolve obsticle
8. Tool or action required to resolve environment obsticle
9. Tool or action required for reader to resolve obsticle
(NOTE: Sometimes the subject and the reader can be the same. For example, if doing a self assessment of your own obsticle)

Celtic Cross (Crux) Spread
1. Subject of the reading
2. Against the subject
3. Grounds the subject
4. Previously relating to the subject
5. May come to be regarding the subject
6. Will come to be regarding the subject
7. Subject's fear or obsticles
8. Family opinion of subject
9. Subject's hopes
10. Final outcome regarding subject
(NOTE: Additional cards may also depict a path necessary to achieve the outcome with a Higher Arcana having the final say)

Please note, if the reading is of an impression of a target or subject, then a querrent card may be necessary (placed under the subject card) depending on your preferred practice.  

Wisdom Compass Spread:              
1. Subject2. Against3. Thought process4. Actions5. Emotions6. Needs7. Advice towards intellect8. Advice towards strength9. Advice towards feelings10. Advice towards grounding11. Outcome

Please feel free to send to me any questions that you may have. 

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