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To directly book a reading with me, you can choose an option here. Or, call me at 519-835-1749. Or, email me at to request an in person reading or a remote reading (Where in-person is not possible, readings can take place over video chat platforms such as Messenger, Zoom, Google Meets, or another of your choice.).  If contacting via email, please also include suggested dates and times in case I am able to accommodate, I will try.  Otherwise, I'll respond with the closest time slots that are available. I accept cash when in-person and I also accept the online payment options via PayPal or a credit card.

Full / New Moon Distant Tarot Reading

Full / New Moon Distant Tarot Reading

Automatically receive remote pre-recorded short 15 minute tarot readings at the full moom or new moon personalized to you and sent via email accessible by clicking a link to watch from a cloud storage online location.  


Specify the number of consecutive months in the quantity being purchased. For example, if subscribing to receive a short reading for only one Full/New Moon cycle, place a 1 in the quantity, for 6 moon cycles (~6 months of time), place a 6 in the quantity, etc. For orders placed at the beginning of a full moon or new moon, readings will start for the beginning of the next following Full/New moon cycle.


Please contact or 519-835-1749 if you have any questions.


    After your order(s) has been received, you will be contacted by Bryan Stafford, Intuitive Reader to confirm requests and to arrange the meeting.

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    Please Note:

    Shipping Details are collected as Customer Information to confirm the email and contact.   When going through the check out process, please fill in your customer information in the Shipping Details.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at or


    - Thank you!

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